What should stockmen look for in a yard?

Any stockman will tell you the best cattle yards are built using the most durable of materials. All of our stockyards a built to a high standard using galvanized steel and joinery.

A good understanding of stock movement

How does the cattle move in the different areas of your yard?

When designing working areas, stockyards require a great understanding of the operations being conduction in each working area to ensure the design is a perfect fit for the purpose at hand.

A better observed and planned work station, the more efficient the job.

Mindful design

Keeping operators out of the line of sight of oncoming stock.
Being visible can have looming risks that can be avoided if stockyard is designed in a seamless and mindful way.  

Quality Materials

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - Quality materials are essential when building a cattle yard.

That’s why we use galvanized steel panels and joinery for all of our products.